About us

I'm Konstantinos. I used to live in England for many years, where I came in contact with Jack Russell terriers. I was a big dogs lover. I used to have dobermans, rodvailers and English shepherds and until recently old-Pluto, a huge St Bernard. However, after getting to know these small- bodied, clever, energetic and funny dogs, I decided to breed them. There are 3 sizes. I chose to breed the English-bred small-bodied, smooth-coated Jack Russell terrier. Our Jack Russels weigh 5-7 kg and they are 25-27 cm tall. My goal is to breed healthy, beautiful puppies, with a good nature, adaptable and easily trained.

History and body-structure of Jack Russells


The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, principally white-bodied, smooth, broken or rough-coated terrier. They were first bred by an English clergyman in the 19th century, as working terriers to flush foxes out of their dens, so that the foxes could be hunted. The name "Jack Russell" has been used over the years to describe a wide array of small white terriers, but now after a drawn out legal battle the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) and its affiliates have won the exclusive rights to use the name Jack Russell Terrier in the USA to describe their particular variant of the dog.Jack Russells are sturdy and tough, measuring between 10" and 15" at the shoulder. The body length must be in proportion to the height, and the dog should present a compact, balanced image. Predominantly white in coloration (more than 51%) with black and/or tan markings,they exhibit a smooth, broken or rough coat. The skin can sometimes show a pattern of small black or brown spots, referred to as "ticking", that do not carry through to the outer coat. All coat types should be dense double coats that are neither silky (in the case of smooth coats) nor woolly (in the case of rough coats). The head should be of moderate width at the ears, narrowing to the eyes, and slightly flat between the ears. There should be a defined stop at the end of the muzzle where it meets the head but not overpronounced, with a black nose. The jaw should be powerful and well boned with a scissor bite and straight teeth. The eyes are almond shaped and dark colored, and should be full of life and intelligence. Small V-shaped ears of moderate thickness are carried forward on the head. When the dog is alert the tip of the V should not extend past the outer corner of the eyes. The tail is set high and docked to approximately five inches in order to provide a sufficient hand-hold for gripping the terrier. It is a serious fault for the dog to have its tail down when in the show ring. The Jack Russell should always appear balanced and alert.Their high energy and drive make these dogs ideally suited to a number of different dog sports such as flyball or agility. 

What you must know before you get yours

It is a courageous, alert, active, intelligent and independent dog. Self-confident and with patience. It needs to be educated and socialized early in its life. Its coat doesn't need special care. It needs long walks accompanied by exercise.


Jack Russell terriers are very pleasant dogs, intelligent, active and playful. Some people consider them as one of the cleverest breeds. They are strong, quick, always ready to play. They learn easily, they shine in sports for dogs and they are very good companions. A Jack Russell may try hard and with the same passion to catch a fox, play with a toy in your living-room or catch a mouse in your garden. His intelligence may go off limits at times, though, which accompanied by its strong nature and its endless energy may become too much. It is very loyal to its owner, but may become suspicious with strangers and it always fights for its territory. Its enthusiastic nature, which makes it so loveable, may easily turn against you, if you don't pay attention to its training and spoil it.  


Jack Russell terriers are companion dogs. They may sleep inside, but they need daily walks and exercise in order to relieve the great amount of energy they've got. They must be occupied with something, otherwise they may get nervous and start destroying things in the house. They need a little food, but it should be of good quality. The long-hair type needs brushing at least twice a week. Jack Russells can adjust to any kind of weather, because of their nature. Their life-cycle varies from 12 to 17 years.  

Get yours!

Pure bred, small-bodied puppies. From small-bodied parents, which weigh 5-7kg and are 25-27 cm tall. Clever and playful, they can be educated easily. They are easily adapted to all conditions and are very good companions, especially for families with children. Available puppies in a lot of colour combinations: tricolore, masks, patches in black or brown, pirates and very rare with a grey mask. The puppies are given healthy, checked from a veterinarian,  with the first vaccine, a  health book and a chip.  We are proud that our puppies haven't experienced pain or fear. If you are interested, you can see the parents. We provide you with advice and support, so that your new puppy adjusts easily and quickly to its new home. »